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  When to use Feng Shui…
  • When embarking on re-modeling or re-decorating your home or office
  • If you need support in eliminating clutter and creating organization
  • When you seek a significant change in your life
  • If you have a specific goal, such as bringing love or wealth or inspiration
  • When you are in the process of moving out and then into your new space

Inviting Spaces offers a variety of Feng Shui services…

  • Private Consult
    This one-to-one meeting includes a walk through of your home or business, helps clarify your goals and explains how Feng Shui principles can help you meet them. You will be provided with an assessment outlining the Feng Shui practices you can implement to support the changes you desire.
  • De-cluttering & Organization
    One of the first steps in implementing changes is eliminating clutter in your space – which for some, is quite an overwhelming task. A personalized de-cluttering plan will be created for you along with side-by-side support to help you clear out those things preventing forward movement toward your goals.
  • Classes & Speaking Engagements
    Melissa teaches a class titled, Feng Shui: How to Live Cutter Free at many of the local community centers. She is also available for private classes as well as guest speaking.
About Melissa
Melissa Hornung is a Feng Shui Consultant whose formal training includes A Feng Shui Associative Program taught by the nationally known teacher and author, Carole J. Hyder. Her lifetime passion for interior design, coupled with years of study in alternative healing and metaphysics, led her to Feng Shui. She is an active member of the FSIM, Feng Shui Institute of the Midwest, and teaches numerous classes in the Twin Cities area.

Feng Shui - $90 per hour, 2 hour minimum
De-Clutter/Organization - call for an estimate

"Feng Shui teaches us how to live in present time. It helps us let go of the past and focus on where we are in our current lives – and then live with intent, mindfully bringing about the changes we seek. I support my clients to look at their home as their sacred space – to feel a sense of awe and inspiration when they walk through the door. My goal is to help them create that space." - Melissa

Melissa Hornung
Certified Feng Shui Consultant

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